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From 16 Flex, 43”, 227g
up to 87 Flex, 66” , 349g.

VIKKELA sticks - the pros. skills of shot on
goal techniques from the first training

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Does your stick's flex work now? Does it help or interrupt your child?

VIKKELA is the ideal FLEX of hockey sticks for young players  from 4.5 to 15 years with the maximum compliance with their anthropometric data.

100 % 3K carbon and super lightweight from 227g

VIKKELA #1 16FLEX  is the most lightweight stick in the world!

exact bullet snapshot to the target, additional force of a slapshot and the increased bullet.

Up to +20% of bullet!


Shaft: Matte Grip, Blade:3K Carbon, weight 227g, Curve Vi-092/Vi-028, 43”
For players up to 122cm and weight up to 19kg
89 usd
Shaft: Matte Grip, Blade:3K Carbon, weight 235g, Curve Vi-092/Vi-028, 45”
For players up to 127cm and weight up to 24kg
96 usd
Shaft: Matte Grip, Blade:3K Carbon, weight 250g, Curve Vi-092/Vi-028, 47"

For novice players up to 132cm and weight up to 25 kg
99 usd
Shaft: Matte Grip, Blade:3K Carbon, weight 260g, Curve Vi-092/Vi-028, 49.5"

For novice players up to 138cm and weight up to 29 kg

109 usd
Shaft: Matte Grip, Blade:3K Carbon, weight 275g, Curve Vi-092/Vi-028 52"

For small snipers up to 145cm and weight up to 34 kg
119 usd
Shaft: Matte Grip, Blade:3K Carbon, weight 290g, Curve Vi-092/Vi-028 54"

For snipers up to 150 cm and weight up to 39 kg
129 usd
Shaft: Matte Grip/ Gloss Grip, Blade:3K Carbon, weight 305g, Curve Vi-092/Vi-028 56"

Goalkeepers Danger- For players up to 155cm and weight up to 47kg
139 usd
Shaft: Matte Grip/Gloss Grip Blade:18K Carbon, weight 420g, Curve Vi-092/Vi-028/ Vi-088/Vi-M9, 66"

Top adult hockey stick. Ideal for coaches.
147 usd

Does your stick conform to the FLEX law?

The law of hockey FLEX stick.

The flexibility factor of a hockey FLEX stick should be slightly less than your weight in kg or equal to it. Or to half your weight in pounds.

NHL and KHL players weigh between 86 kg and 113 kg (190-250 pounds) and use twigs with FLEX 85-110 without shortening them. And this is justified.

So why do parents buy JUNIOR (50Flex) sticks for the children weighing 20-25kg, and then cut off 10-20cm from these sticks, making them even tougher?

After this manipulation the stick becomes similar to 70-80Flex, because FLEX also depends on the length of the stick. It only hurts!

Cutting 2"-3" you increase the inflexibility by + 10 FLEX! A little hockey player gets a tackle that does not work in his hands!

VIKKELA sticks are designed and produced specially for children and juniors! Children deserve the same FLEX sensation and fun of the game as professionals, and so your children should use FLEX 16/18/20/25/30/35/40/47/50/60 in order to they can learn to shoot the puck properly and gain their muscle memory with first training.

And most important is to be happy with their success!


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Pro Stock LOW FLEX youth & junior hockey sticks are produced from 100% carbon.

The lightest hockey sticks for kids in the world from 100% carbon.

To choose a stick for your child exactly in accordance with his weight / height almost without cutting it.

Easy choice: all the parameters of the players (weight / height) for the suitable sticks are put on the shaft.

Pros skills in shot on goal techniques from the first training.

Speed of the puck flight is + 20% as compared with the stiff sticks that you are using now.

With VIKKELA sticks the puck flies to the target, but not somersaults towards the net.

Convenient and specially designed shaft diameter and an enlarged blade.


Models: Customized pro stock youth & junior sticks
Structure: True One-Piece Compression Molded
Construction, Monocomp Technology Eliminates Excess Material for Improved Balance
Shaft and blade design: Thicker Shaft and Blade for Better Control
Shaft coating: Matte Grip/Gloss Grip  Finish, a Secure Grip for Aggressive Handling and Shooting
Material: 100% Carbon Fiber
Drawing weave of carbon on the surface:
3K Carbon Surface Weave
Blade curve: CURVE Vi-092/Vi-028
Maximized Power and Puck Feel
Trough point: Amplified MID Kick Point
Blade constructive and filling: Aero Foam II
Heel: Enhanced Balance and Core Stability Absorbs Energy for Maximized Power and Puck Feel, Sand finish blade for added grip and feel
Angels strengthening technologies: Corner-Reinforced Technology
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Average youth stick

  • 49"(124.5cm). To maintain the flexibility of the shaft, it is impossible to cut off much. If it is cut off by every 2”-3" the stiffness increases (flexibility decreases) by 10 FLEX points.
  • Thin shaft, spins in hands, does not bend back.
  • FLEX 30, 35
    Limited choice.
  • Shaft does not bend - no additional energy during the shot, the puck somersaults.
  • The blade is small, whippy  - less control of the puck

Pro stock LOW FLEX youth & junior VIKKELA hockey sticks

  • 43", 45", 47", 49.5", 52", 54", 56", 58", 60", 61" Flex 16, 18, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 47, 50Int, 60Int

    Custom Fit - means that you keep the stick's flex with minimal сutting.

  • Custom thicker shaft for better gripping and easy  puck control.
  • Flex 16, 18, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 47, 50Int, 60Int

    Big FLEX choice. Just pick up the stick with a  FLEX slightly less than your weight in kg or less than 50% in lbs.

  • Required FLEX with the required length of the stick is an extra energy during the shot, the puck flies without tumbling, the speed of the puck is 20% higher.

  • Custom  increased blade, more stiff for better  puck control

Other junior sticks

  • The height is too long.

    It is necessary to cut too much when fitting. It loses flexibility sharply.

    By cutting off the 5"-8" (12.7-20.32 cm) you increase the stiffness of the shaft to

    20 - 40 FLEX. From FLEX 50 turns into FLEX 70 - FLEX 80.

  • Thick shaft for better gripping and easy dribbling of the puck.

  • FLEX 50 Once cut, you must weigh more than 70 kg to use the stick.
  • If you cut off the shaft once, it becomes too stiff to flex.
  • Blade is enlarged, more stiffer for better puck control
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Ergonomics and the prototype of hockey sticks was developed by the Biomechanics Department of Research and Development of the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China

Sales in Canada and the USA have reached the figures of 35000 units per year and are growing at an incredible rate.

Services for the express delivery by post all over the world.

Payment: Paypal.



All VIKKELA sticks come with a 36 day warranty.

VIKKELA covers our products under warranty from manufacturing defects for 36 days after receiving your stick(s). If you believe your VIKKELA has broken due to a manufacturing defect please take the stick & return to the off-line store where you bought it:

 All warranty claims MUST go through the store  or Email us at warranty@vikkela.com  if you made a purchase at  www.vikkela.com

BONUS  If you are past the 37 day period but before the 60 day period we will issue you a 10% off discount code to be used within 14 days.

Return to the store you purchased your VIKKELA  from .

        Take the broken stick.

        Must have proof of purchase.

    Get a new VIKKELA.

        If your warranty claim is valid the store will replace your stick.

   VIKKELA  will replace the store's inventory.

        Dealer will submit a warranty claim via the Dealer section of the website.

        Store inventory is replaced by VIKKELA

Sticks that are broken off the ice (non-hockey use).

    VIKKELA hockey sticks are made to the same standards used by pros hockey players. They are tuned for use on the ice by a player in a certain weight and height range. Misuse on or off the ice that results in breakage will void the warranty.

BONUS If you are past the 37 day period but before the 60 day period we will issue you a 10% off discount code to be used within 14 days.

Warranty VIKKELA

How to become a VIKKELA dealer?

Send an application with a description of your retail point with photos or the address of your online store.
Also attach all legal documents to contact@vikkela.com.
In case of approval, we will contact you.
Initial orders must be at least 20 sticks and be paid via credit card.

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